Over the years we have made numerous friends in the art world. Many of these friends paint in watercolor, and a few are especially skillful in handling the medium. Many of our skillful friends paint landscapes in watercolor and a few paint landscapes and figures. Of this group a very few are able to handle both subjects with equal ease. Several of this rather elite group of acquaintances can also teach what they do, and one or two teach it very well. We even know one painter who can paint figures and landscapes in watercolor with prize-winning results, can teach with great effectiveness, and in addition, can write eloquently. This rare friend-Don Andrews- has finally written a book on landscape painting.
We were determined to review this new book with some objectivity, but we failed. Don is one of the best painters and most thoughtful teachers we know. He is also one of the most considerate guys we have ever met and one of the funniest. When we read his new book, all these qualities were immediately evident. Search as we might, we couldn’t find fault.
We wanted to complain that the writing was too vague and overly complicated, but it was clear, clever, and to the point. We thought maybe the ideas expressed would be tired and stale, but they’re fresh and inspiring. Because the book is so reasonably priced, we were sure Don had skimped on illustrations and paintings, but he has filled every page with colorful and exciting work.
By now, you have probably detected a favorable bias on our part, but with good reason. This is exactly the kind of book we looked for when we first became interested in painting landscapes and working in watercolor. At that time, we could find only a few truly good ones-by Rex Brandt, Edgar Whitney, Robert E. Wood, Edward Betts and Ed Reep. We think this book deserves to be included in that group.
The Editors

Interpreting the Landscape in Watercolor
isn’t geared toward a specific level of achievement, rather students at all levels will benefit from this practical method of creating a vibrant watercolor painting.

Discover the Power of Simplifying Your Landscape Paintings
Through the Linkage of Light, Shadow, and Color

$33.50 (includes S&H in US)


You’ll learn how to:

•loosen up
•mix your colors on the page
•capture the light
•organize nature
•design the rectangle
•utilize negative space
•paint believable figures in your landscapes


Includes five chapters that cut through color theory to give you a logical understanding of color and granulation you’ll use the rest of your painting life.

Hardcover and 160 pages.
Over 200 full-color illustrations.
Over 20 step by step demonstrations.


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